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power loofah

traditional egyptian body exfoliator / 1 pc.

Give power to your skin with the Pharaoh of Egypt loofah exfoliator. made of real traditional Egyptian loofah, the exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells and increase the circulation to the skin leaving it glowing and soft.

Key ingredient:

traditional egyptian loofah


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Loofah helps to exfoliate the skin and removes all the dead cells, excess oil and pollutants. Furthermore it stimulates the blood flow of the skin.


Ancient Egyptians used loofah as an exfoliator, it is made from an Egyptian cucumber that, when dried, becomes a sponge.

How to use it:

Wet the Loofah with lukewarm water and with circular motions massage your body. Rinse the loofah after every use and let it dry.