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natural sea sponge

compact face wash applicator / 1 pc.

Give power to your skin with the Pharaoh of Egypt face wash applicator. It is made from natural silk sea sponge, the face wash applicator will lightly exfoliate your skin leaving it glowing and soft. Due to the natural softness of the sponge, it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Key ingredient:

natural silk sea sponge


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Natural sea sponge helps exfoliate the skin without damaging it and therefore it is very good for people with sensitive skin.


Ancient Egyptians used sea sponges for everyday bathing, and to apply essential oils.

How to use it:

Soak in water and squeeze to remove the excess water. Apply the compact face wash on the sponge and gently massage over the skin. Rinse your face and the sponge with lukewarm water after every use.

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