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jade roller

face massager / 1 pc.

Uplift your skin with the Empress of China jade roller. Made from natural jade stone, the massager will increase your blood circulation, drain your lymphs and give it a cooling effect. Your skin will therefore get more oxygen and nutrients and it will look smooth and refreshed.

Key ingredient:

natural jade stone


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Jade stone stays cool even when in touch with the skin and therefore it helps reducing puffiness, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and promoting blood circulation.


Chinese empresses have been using jade rollers with golden handles for centuries, to smoothen their skin and prevent wrinkles.

How to use it:

For the best result use after applying the serum, roll the bigger part on the face area and the smaller part under the eye area, always roll from the nose to the outside of the face, and from the lower part up. Royal Tip: To help reduce puffy eyes, leave it in the fridge over night and use it in the morning.