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dream cleansing milk

step 5 / cleansing milk / 200 ml

Give tranquility to your skin with the Queen of France cleansing milk. The cleansing milk will make your skin smooth and flawless. It contains orange blossom which removes impurities and it evens out the skin tone. It is therefore perfect for normal or aging skin. The flowery scent will tranquilize your mind and soul while boosting your inner creativity.

Key ingredient:

orange blossom


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Orange blossom is a natural astringent that provides the skin with a fresh feel, removing excess dirt and oil, without stripping the skin of the natural moisture. Leaving the skin soft and with a balanced pH level.


Marie-Antoinette regularly applied orange blossom water as her personal fragrance.

How to use it:

Put a small amount on a cotton pad and gently swipe over the face to remove the make-up or other residue, there is no need to rinse. Royal tip: instead of a normal cotton pad, use our reusable and washable Royal van Son cleansing milk applicator to have a lesser impact on the environment.