calming konjac sponge


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calming konjac sponge

facial massage sponge / 1 pc.

Give calmness to your skin with the Geisha of Japan konjac sponge. The sponge will make your skin smooth and flawless, by lightly exfoliating the dead cells without damaging the skin. It is made of the root of the konjac plant which has many natural nutrients, it is therefore perfect to massage the skin increasing its circulation which will prevent fine lines.

Key ingredient:

green tea infused konjac


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Konjac Sponge helps to accelerate the skin healing process by decongesting and adding moisture to the skin. It gently cleans while also helping to relax and to detoxify your skin from air pollutants and oxidation. If used as a massaging tool it will stimulates the blood flow and boosts the circulation.


The Konjac plant has been known in Japan since the sixth century as a medicinal food, and is now one of the superfoods.

How to use it:

Soak your sponge in lukewarm water until fully expanded and soft, swipe across the skin with circular motions. Rinse the sponge and let it dry after each use.

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