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Geisha of Japan

Your Royal Peace!

The Geisha of Japan represents refinement and discipline. She is skilled in various forms of art, such as music, dance, and tea ceremonies and embodies grace, loyalty, and dedication to traditional standards of beauty. The Geisha of Japan collection is vegan and created to relax you, in your day-to-day life. The natural ingredients and herbal berry scents used in this line have a calming effect on your mood, while taking care of your skin and soul. It is inspired by Sadayakko, Japan’s first true actress. She became a Geisha that entertained guests with her stunning beauty and calming tea ceremonies.

Brightening Konjac Sponge

Geisha of Japan, konjac massage sponge


T-zone Oil Remover

Geisha of Japan, volcanic stone roller


Calming Spray

Geisha of Japan, calming mood spray