Empress of China


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Empress of China

Your Royal Party!

The Empress of China symbolises power, wisdom, and authority. She is known for her strategic thinking, strong principles, and unwavering determination. She appreciates beauty as a truly holistic concept that goes across physical, emotional, and spiritual prowess. The Empress of China collection is natural and created to uplift you in your day-to-day life. The natural ingredients and fresh citrusy scents used in this line, give a positive boost to your mood while taking care of your skin and soul. It is inspired by Wu Zetian, China's first and only Empress. She entered the royal court as a concubine but with a lot of positivity and planning she moved her way up until becoming the first female ruler of China.

Bamboo Makeup Disc

Empress of China, reusable makeup remover disc


Facial Massage Set

Empress of China, jade roller + gua sha


Royal Teddy - Black

Empress of China, party teddy


Party Hair Scrunchie

Empress of China, natural mulberry silk


Uplifting Spray

Empress of China, party mood spray